The Olympics and the medal already do not save

The Olympics and the medal already do not save  Anastasia BUKHTEEVA, 11-Classica gymnasium No. 1, won the prestigious competition in the English language, and got a pass for admission to MGIMO.If Anastasia were released from school last year, she automatically become a student of one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Today she received only a letter of recommendation for admission to MGIMO. Talking about her final enrollment may be conducted only after passing the exam on the history, Russian and English. Score allotted for admission in this University the number of points в“ become a student of the faculty of international law."I was supposed to graduate last year, told our newspaper Anastasia Bukhteeva. But late for exams, studied for a year at an American school in the state of California.To win in the competition and receive recommendation for admission to MGIMO Nastya was planning to study in East-Siberian Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs, wanted to be a forensic expert. Читать полностью -->

Physician of the year in Russia was angadanan

Physician of the year in Russia was angadanan  Today returned from Moscow the winner of national contest "the Best doctor of the year" obstetrician-gynecologist Vladimir VOKIN. On 17 February in the House of Unions was handed a diploma and a crystal figure of the goddess of health Gigei.Without exaggeration we can say that Vladimir Antonov in Angarsk knows every third woman. Someone he took birth, someone was helping to solve health problems. Doctor of the highest category, recognized in 2008 as the best obstetrician-gynecologist of the Irkutsk region, more than 20 years he was head of the gynecological Department of the Angarsk city obstetrical and gynecological Association. In 35 years of work he spent a lot of complex operations, helped to be born thousands of kids. To Vokina no one in our city has not performed transactions on the vaginal removal of the uterus.And most importantly - over the years he has not lost their spiritual qualities, not lost interest to the profession. Читать полностью -->

Rare opportunity

Rare opportunity  1 December in the Palace of culture "Energetik" opened the decade of the disabled.This day is for Angarsk went almost unnoticed. Even a passing DC people could not guess that inside is a very important event: no cars at either bright billboards. Even in the audience's Energy was quite a lot of empty seats. However, the event that was really important and long-awaited.Of course, random spectators thought that the scene simple Amateur. But for the performances of the actors had to rehearse for 3-4 hours every day for months! Were adults and over 20 children with a variety of diagnoses, most of them incurable.Many of our children physicians have long waved his hand, said teacher Association parents of children with disabilities Zinaida GOLENKO в“ admitted them unteachable. But, please, after a joint practice became noticeable significant improvement. Читать полностью -->

Read "the letter of happiness" ndash

Read What does a young man looking to be retired? Everything except the main thing: how he will live, once you get to his age? Because the green plastic card, which gave the Pension Fund is now used by the vast majority of young in only one quality в“ since it is easier to get loans.Every year at the home address we receive from the Pension Fund "chain letter". We open it and don't understand. How are we doing with the future pension? Many have already accumulated money? And how long they will last? Where did that come from and where that goes?" And how much will be the pension, and if we continue in the same spirit? We asked the Deputy chief of Department of personified registration of the Pension Fund QUEEN Anastasia to teach the Angarsk right to read "letters of happiness".Insurance number of individual personal account is like a Bank account. We can change jobs, addresses, names and surnames, but this account number will remain the same. It is there that our employers have to transfer the money on our future pension amounting to 14% of our salary.On the first page of his "letters of happiness" you will find two plaques.The first information about the amount of money in the savings component. This part I have working youth born in 1967 and younger. Читать полностью -->


PARKS will ORDER  Almost two decades of urban parks in Angarsk anybody seriously was not engaged, the budget was financed by a residual principle or was not made at all. As a result, most of the parks were neglected, the existing infrastructure has been relegated to a state of ruins.The first step toward solving this problem was made in 2008, when the administration of Angarsk has managed to attract significant investment in the Park revival of "Builder". In the framework of the agreement about socially-economic partnership brewing company "sun InBev", built in our city, the factory has allocated for the reconstruction of the Park of 7.5 million rubles. These funds were given in the order of construction of the Central entrance to the Park, the paved area in front of him. At the expense of municipal budget (about 1.4 million) was made covering the paths in the Park were repaired textured layer of the stele.In a Park behind the recreation center of petrochemical industry in 2008-2009 the budget done design stairs main entrance porcelain tiles, reconstruction of decorative bowls. In addition to this restored tracks with the device of flower beds. Читать полностью -->

Kachan Alexander G.

Kachan Alexander G.  Born in 1954 on a farm Cichowski Krasnodar region in the family of workers. In 1955, my parents arrived in Siberia and left to live in Megate. A small village has become a second home to Alexander Lukashenko.After Megetsky high school dream came true - he got to the far East where he served in the marine secret parts of ASW.Without on the job in 1981 he graduated from the Irkutsk energy construction College, and by 1994 had completed higher education in Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute.The period from 1984 to 1987 was marked by the visit in the extreme conditions of Afghanistan. On his return to the USSR continued working in Megetsky geophysical expedition of the engineer-power engineer, then chief power engineering specialist.April 21, 1996 was the popularly elected head of the village administration, meet. 4 may 2000 re-appointed to this position by order of the mayor of Angarsk municipality for the term.Wife Lyubov Pavlovna heads Magetsu art school.His son Eugene, graduating from the Irkutsk technical University, works as an electrician at Angarsk grid. Читать полностью -->

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